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Suzanne Booth
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Two of the most important steps you can take in reaching the long term goals of your business, is to develop your business identity and create brand recognition.

Business Identity Matters - Brand Recognition Counts!

There is a reason all the big corporations take the time to develop a logo and consistent presentations - it works.

It's easier than you think and worth the effort.

A quick search for definitions of brand identity included the following results:

  • A unique set of associations that the brand strategist aspires to create or maintain. These associations represent what the brand should stand for.
  • The outward expression of the brand, including its name and visual appearance. The brand's identity is its fundamental means of consumer recognition and symbolizes the brand's differentiation from competitors.
  • How a company wants the consumer to see its product.
  • The totality of brand associations including name and symbols

If your business media (business cards, brochures, flyers, web sites, etc.) all look different, who is going to remember you. Maybe that isn't a problem for your existing customers but what about potential new customers.

Consider the following...

You are shopping for a blender. Company A and Company B both offer the same blender at the same price.

Company A is vaguely familiar and you seem to remember seeing or hearing about them but you can't be sure if it's the same company and the advertisement is pretty sloppy.

Company B has a logo you know you have seen before in a few different places for the last year or so, and the advertisement is clean and to the point.

Now quickly answer the following (and be honest); where are you more likely to buy the blender?

If you answered honestly, you more than likely chose company B. Why? Because the brand recognition established by Company B has subconsciously created a sense familiarity and trust.

Whether you are just starting your business or if you have been around 5 years or even more, it's never too late to develop professional, consistent business image branding.

Don't let all the hard work you dedicate to your company be undermined by inconsistent or sloppy presentation. Call Whiplash Design & Print Services today and get your company on track with business branding today.